About us

Project promoter is Filcams-CGIL, the Italian Commerce, Tourism, Services Workers' Federation, affiliated to CGIL – The Italian General Confederation of Labour and the European Federations EFFAT and UNI-Europa. Since 2012, Filcams-CGIL has asked itself how to cope with the continuous changes and evolutions occurring in multinational companies and the economic context as a whole, developing European projects, with the aim of supplying tools to improve knowledge, participation and action among trade union actors, workers and company representatives. For further information, please download the sheet Experience of Filcams-CGIL on this topic.
This project is carried out in cooperation with:
  • UNI-Europa (European Trade Union Federation for Services and Communication);
  • EFFAT (European Federation of Food Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions);
  • FGTA-FO (French Agro-industrial and Services Workers' Federation);
  • FITU FOOD (Bulgarian Agro-industrial Trade Union);
  • FISAC-CGIL Toscana (Italian Federation of Insurance and Credit Workers);
  • Filcams-CGIL Piemonte (regional trade union affiliated to Filcams-CGIL);
  • Filcams-CGIL Milano (local trade union affiliated to Filcams-CGIL).
Also the EWCs of Club Med, Adecco, Unicredit and Autogrill; The Global Federation of Temporary Agency Workers; the European Trade Union Confederation; The Italian Trade Union Confederation CGIL; the Di Vittorio Foundation support the project and participate in its activities.
For the realisation of the OPEN CORPORATION ranking, Filcams-CGIL takes advantage of the competences of the following research institutes:
  • OPENPOLIS, Italian association for transparency and democratic participation;
  • IRES CGIL Emilia Romagna, Econominc and Social Research Institute of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) Emilia-Romagna - partner coordinating the research institutes;
  • ISTUR-CITUB, Institute for Social and Trade Union Research of the Bulgarian Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CITUB);
  • SZGTI, Economic and Social research Institute of the Hungarian Trade Union;
  • DEPP SRL, Italian leader in the realisation of data-based web communication & information projects.
Download further information on the research institutes.
The data sheet measures objectively verifiable indicators, identified by the following experts, with specific competences on the fields of study:
  • Giorgio Verrecchia, labour law and trade union law expert;
  • Anna Maria Romano, expert in economics and finance;
  • Ornella La Tegola, expert in equal opportunities and labor law;
  • Anna Quartucci, expert in accessibility for people with special needs;
  • Ennio Merlini, expert in environmental protection;
  • Ornella Cilona, expert in Corporate Social Responsability;
  • Cristiana Rogate, expert in Social Reporting.
Download the experts’ short biographies.